About Us

‘We believe the agricultural industry is the backbone of our country…’

With a passion for agriculture, a genuine dedication to help farmers achieve their best, Russell and Vonnie Dent established Westgate Seeds in 2004. Having a keen interest in seed, Russell and Vonnie realised the need to provide a quality service to farmers to enable them to achieve the best possible result towards a profitable operation.  The demand for Westgate Seeds to go mobile prompted the purchase and assembly of a mobile seed grader that services the South-Western areas of Queensland.

In January of 2020 Westgate Seeds was sold to Dean and Tom Workman. Dean and Tom are excited to be continuing this well-established mobile seed grading service and look forward to continuing to provide excellent service to all of the existing customers. With a background in transport and agriculture throughout Western Queensland, we are committed to providing excellent high quality services to our customers. Having spent most of our lives in Rural Australia, we have an exceptional understanding of the values attached to rural living and the no fuss approach to getting on with the job. We believe the agricultural industry is the backbone of our country and we are whole heartedly committed to providing high quality value adding services to all involved.

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