On-Farm Grading

Experience the convenience of cleaning grain and seed at your door.

Mobile Seed Grading  

Westgate seeds are fully equipped with a mobile seed grading plant, our own generator and augers all on the back of a Single Semi trailer, allowing us to grade at practically any site. Our plant consists of a Clipper, Scalper, aspirator, 4 rotary screens and 4 indent cylinders capable of removing small grain, straw, chaff and weed seeds including black oats. On farm grading is bulk to bulk with screenings able to go into bulk or 1 tonne bags.   

Dockage Grading

We can bring your grain up to a higher grade for delivery at harvest time, increasing your dollar value. Dockage grading removes screenings or weed seeds that are preventing grain from being a higher grade.

Depot Grading

Have your seed graded on site at our Dalby depot. Clean seed can be graded bulk to bulk or bulk to 1 Tonne bags.

On-Farm Annual Run

Book in to ensure your seed is graded in time for planting.
Westgate Seeds travel an annual run, cleaning planting seed which goes from Dalby  through Moonie, Westmar, Goondiwindi, Talwood, Mungindi, St George, Surat, Roma, Yuleba, Wallumbilla, Dulacca, Miles, Chinchilla, Bowenville and beyond. 

Seed Treatment

Westgate Seeds is equipped to apply your supplied choice of chemical to cleaned seed both on site and at the depot at an additional cost.  

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